Amy With Loudwire

Amy Lee talked with Loudwire Nights on Tuesday about her son’s love for Gears 5 but dislike for the new single ‘The Chain’ and her new journey in life along with a few announcements.

“I have a new perspective in my life”

What will the new album consist of? Amy states that the band’s upcoming new album is 100 percent Evanescence, but they definitely had to take some risks along the way.

“It’s a combination of a lot of things. It’s definitely 100 percent us but it’s also taking risks and I think it’s meaningful – deeply meaningful. A lot of it has attitude.” Amy also adds that there’s a song that is a next step after The Open Door’s ‘Call Me When You’re Sober’ and the band’s self-titled album’s hit, ‘What You Want.’

Amy also explains how excited she is for the release of the collab with BodyCount called ‘When I’m Gone’ and how it’s about loss and not taking advantage of the short time we have with loved ones, explaining “I have a new perspective in my life right now. Not just because everything’s so awesome and I’m older and I have a kid but I’ve also suffered some serious loss in the last few years. I lost my brother. I definitely feel like I have one foot on the other side, so there’s a lot of writing that is back to my roots in that searching for meaning and things. But it’s not all dark and serious.”

To add to the news, Amy announced that there will be a new song before April.

You can read the article here and listen above.