Amy Interview with Rollingstone India

Evanescence’s Amy Lee: ‘Musical Experimentation in a Label-Free Zone is So Healthy’

Vocalist and composer Amy Lee tells Rolling Stone India that releasing “Wasted On You” – whose music video premiered in the country exclusively on Vh1 India on April 23rd – was a “little bit of a different feeling” considering they can’t throw a band party “like we normally would.” Over an email interview, the band’s founding member adds, “But in this midst of this strange time, it’s such a salve to the feeling of being stuck that we are all going through right now, to be able to create and put out our art. I’m really grateful and we’re all very proud.”

The song – part of their upcoming album The Bitter Truth – brings together everything anyone would love about Evanescence. There’s piano parts, Lee’s evergreen voice reaching operatic highs, delivering melancholic hooks and the band providing grandiose goth rock treatment. In this interview, Lee talks about her solo project, how they’ll go about finishing and releasing The Bitter Truth and India.

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