Break In by Halestorm now reimagined with Amy Lee

Have you listened to the studio recording of the song “Break In” originally performed by Halestorm but now reimagined, featuring Amy Lee? It’s out NOW.

Lzzy also shared this sweet message ❤️

“What started years ago as a friendship on tour …
One of the stand out moments on our #REIMAGINED EP is the long awaited recorded duet of our song “Break In” featuring the amazingly incomparable Amy Lee. Produced by Nick Rasculinecz, we recorded this duet pre-COVID-19, together in the same room, live, as a full performance from beginning to end. If you are a singer, you know how difficult that task can be. You must match your singing partner in both pitch, timing, emotion and build within the song all while knowing that if you screw up, you AND your singing partner have to do the whole thing over again from the beginning. NO OVERDUBS NO CUT INS. But it felt like we had been doing this performance for years. Duh!After all… the two of us have never been kind of women to Not meet a challenge. I got to witness first hand why Amy is the legend she is. My friend brought new meaning to this song, turning what was once just a love song into a true statement of unity and support for each other. Thank you Amy Lee for your strength, friendship, and for being a part of this beautiful display of women empowerment.”

You can listen below and also on Spotify.

Raise Your Horns ft. Amy Lee TODAY

Today, Amy was a guest star on Lzzy Hale’s podcast, Raise Your Horns. They spoke about the tough trials they both had to experience as women in rock, they reminisced about their Carnival of Madness tour in 2012 and also about Evanescence’s new album, “The Bitter Truth.”

Best of all, we learned more about the collab that Lzzy hinted at late last year. We are getting a studio version of Halestorm’s song, “Break In” with guest vocals from Amy, in August of this year! In the podcast, they teased us with a performance.

You can watch the live podcast below. Skip to 58:10 to begin Lzzy’s show.